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BOOK   I have written a book and it is now out. It is titled “Last Days”. It is not like most books of that type. It is not about prophetic events after the rapture of the church. It is about what the church will be like in the days immediately preceding the rapture. It is very relevant to our times. I believe if you are a Christian it will edify and uplift you. It will at the same time hopefully open your eyes to what is going on around us, not just in America but in the entire world. It is a very small investment that I believe you will be very glad you made. I have been told by those who have read “Last Days” that every Cover1Christian should read it. Families are being destroyed by sin and poor moral judgments. It seems every society has a one world mindset. The world is looking for a leader who can draw all people together under a banner of peace. It does not matter what this leaders political convictions are. Socialism is getting stronger while we are being told that socialism is dead. Suicides are on the rise. Drugs are being used by a large part of the population just to be able to cope. It seems like a major war is on the horizon. Where is it leading? Read “Last Days” now.


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Terrorist list but not about terrorist! The news has been filled with reports of our new administration creating list of people who might be a possible terrorist threat. The problem is the list do not name terrorist. It names Americans who may disagree with this administration. It is well known that this administration is filled with left wing socialist and they are working overtime to turn America into a socialist nation. Socialist and dictators have always been known to make list of those who are what they term as dissenters, those who disagree with their giving the government (Themselves) more power over the people. We do not need list in this country. This must be stopped. In the fifties we had the list compiled by the McCarthy hunt to eliminate communist from our government. Was he entirely wrong? Now the lists are compiled to have the names of those who might not bow down to a socialist takeover in our own country. These lists are made up of those who support the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It is made of conservatives. It is made up of returning war veterans. It is made up of those who are the fabric and strength of our nation. An apology sounds good but it does not clear the list. It does not eliminate the agenda behind doing it. There must be an accounting. American government has no place for this woman or anyone who has this kind of mentality. I was under the impression that terrorist were those who were attacking America from without. I have not heard of these being on her list. She is only collecting names of Americans who would not sit still while a group of left wing socialist took over our country from within. They are not hiding the fact that they want to bring socialism into our nation. They are not hiding the fact that they are courting socialist leaders and dictators around the world. Why would this administration of misfits want to know where there opposition might come from unless they wanted to take over our nation? I have been saying for years now that Americans had better wake up before it is too late. Is it too late already? These are questions that have to be answered. She said the leak has been fixed. This tells me only that they have corrected the leak. It does not tell me that they have reformed from making their list. In my opinion they should have to release the names of all of those who made their list. I am sure that America would be shocked. I pray that America would be shocked. What if I am wrong. Then it would truly be too late.




The world must never forget the atrocities of the Nazi’s.


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Was America a democracy for the past two hundred years? Right off the top of your head you would say yes, of course we were and we still are. Actually, we have been a Republic. Remember the pledge of allegiance (If you can). “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands”. There is a very basic difference in the two. A Republic is first of all defined by the rule of law. A Republic is a nation that is ruled by law. Laws are established and ordered by the majority (Majority rule). A Democracy on the other hand is ruled rather chaotically. It is a rule dedicated to the principle of “Every person doing that which is right in their own eyes”. Laws are established on the whims of groups. In a Democracy the rights of every person are protected by laws (In regard to the individual) without regard to the impact on the whole of society. This is why in a true democracy; corruption is able to get sway over the masses. In a republic laws are enacted for the protection of the majority. This is why in a republic; corruption is kept small due to the fact that laws are meant to rule by the desires of the majority. As we have seen over the years as agenda driven groups, judges and Senators have worked to bring down our Republic and form a true Democracy, true chaos is the result. The majority has to bow to the whims of the minority as corrupt members of Congress give sway to socially harmful formation of laws to satisfy minority groups. Usually this happens by hidden bait in bills (Such as what we call Pork). I suppose it began because the thought goes that “What can a little pork hurt in the long run”? As the corruption builds though the little pork turns into a lot of pork and a lot of very harmful bills to society due to individual greed over the good of the nation. The very harmful thing about this unbridled democracy that is taking over our land is that it is leading to a weird form of outright socialism over America. Because we have always been a Republic the elite left that is in power believe that they must enact bigger and more powerful government to insure that the people accept these changes. This is the beginning stages of a “soft tyranny” of socialism that always precludes the “hard tyranny” of a dictatorship. We are definitely in the soft tyranny stage of a changeover to outright socialism. The majority of Americans are forced to accept things that are against every principle of their lives. This is soft tyranny. The political left is against America being a Republic. They believe that “We the People” do not have what is needed to determine what is best for America’s future. They believe that they are the only ones intelligent enough to make the decisions for our future. They see themselves as the “Ruling Class” in society. This is the mental outlook of the Democrat Party. They will not stop until they have destroyed every remnant of our past as a Republic and established courts who will uphold their agenda. My personal opinion is that in this past election we have witnessed a coup d’état in our nation. To every discerning eye, there have been some elections that have been outright stolen while the man who sits in the White House refuses to address the overwhelming evidence that he is not even qualified to sit in that seat. Not only that, he has taken the unprecedented step of destroying in one swift move the “Limited Power of Government”. He personally fired the CEO of GM. He cannot legally do that. He does not have Constitutional power to do that. In order to do that he has usurped power over the United States Constitution and yet no one blinked an eye when it happened. Washington is filled with criminals and it looks like the chief criminal is in the White House. God help America but then America has thrown God out haven’t they. This takes us back to what the Bible says about the last days. Amazing isn’t it? The Bible tells us that in the last days people would live as people in Noah’s day lived, “Every man done that which was right is their own eyes. We have no moral compass in America now. Our leaders make a mockery of Christianity. They actually held classes to teach their people running for office how to “Sound Christian”. We have now turned to electronic balloting machines. It is now impossible to tell who you actually voted for. I believe we should go to what they did in Iraq. Make people dip their finger in an indelible ink when they vote. You would probably be amazed and shocked at how many Democrats voted illegally in the past election. There is far too much at stake for our children and our grand children to simply “trust” Democrats or anyone else for that matter. Too many have died to give us this nation that has been great for so long to just let the liberal left wing elites take it over to make an experimental socialist utopia. Too many have sacrificed to much to just watch it being taken by socialist. It is far past time that the silent majority become activist for our children’s sake. The best weapon against liberals you have is your voice. We must make the outcry so loud it will ring through every hall of justice in America; we will not give you our land. The political left and this administration have put our great grand children in a debt they have no hope of getting out of. Enough is enough.

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WHAT KIND OF CHANGE IS COMING?   It has been a long time since I wrote an article for this site. It has been for multiple reasons. One, my Net-Fusion became corrupted and I could not find my CD and I did not want to write all of these pages again. Two, I was struck with a virus and I had to redo my computer. Fortunately, I was able to save my site files. Third, I have been very discouraged that America would vote someone into the highest office in the land with absolutely no experience whatsoever. That was like putting me in charge of NASA. We are now seeing the confusion, indecision and outright incompetence that is the result of such a stupid move. I never dreamed I would read articles on the news voicing questions like “Is the US turning socialist”. I read an article where Hugo Chevez is encouraging Obama to go ahead and embrace full socialism for America since in his words, capitalism has failed. It is not capitalism that has failed. It is morality that has failed in America. We have truly become an immoral nation. When morals do not guide a person’s life, greed, perversion, avarice and corruption rule. Every failure we have seen in this economic collapse is because of immoral men and women being in positions of power. The main stream media will not bring America’s attention to the political affiliation of these people who were in charge of these corporations. Don’t let this news turn you for a flip but they were mostly Democrats. Some were Clinton’s financial advisors when he was president and some even were Obama’s campaign financial advisors, even though they were under federal investigation for their financial fraud. It is totally despicable. Obama still has not released his sources for more campaign money than has ever been raised in America. This election was bought by America’s enemies. The pawn in the White House is a socialist. There is no dispute there. It is clear that we stand in the most dangerous position for maintaining our freedom that we have ever faced. We are now facing a 3.6 trillion dollar budget. Can you conceive of that much money? No one can. That is placing our great-great grand children in a debt they have no hope of alleviating. Does anyone care? Not in the Democrat aisle for sure. What is wrong with letting nature take its course? Greed and the plan to give credit to those who could not possibly make their payments credit got these companies in this position. Let them fail because of their stupidity. It will hurt the country but we cannot continue to bail out the political left and their plan to make the American dream come true for those who only want everything given to them. If a person works for what they have they learn to appreciate it. Drive by a brand new housing project and see the beauty. You can drive by a year later and the curtains are blowing in the breeze because so many windows are broken out and trash is everywhere while the whole place is a drug and prostitution den. It is because people do not appreciate what is given to them. When you have a dream and you work hard to see that dream through to completion, you really appreciate what you have acquired. What makes you think it will be any different with corporations. Give them billions and what do they do, the officers take extravagant vacations and business trips. Wake up America. We saw an election where in many states people who were not even citizens were allowed to vote. This alone should knot up the stomach of anyone who cares about America. We saw a man with no experience at all run a campaign on change but he would not at any time say what his change is and people actually voted for him. One man at my work said “I don’t care what kind of change he brings, I just want change”. This is the stupidity that got this man elected. Another actually said “We are not at war with anyone and I want to keep it that way. The stupidity of these statements overwhelms me. At a Bojangles one Sunday morning there was a black man in front of me in line. His cell phone rang and he answered it just holding up the line while he talked. I said “Excuse me sir but that is very inconsiderate”. He turned on me like a madman and I thought I was going to have to fight him. His statement is what got me though. He said “This is the kind of thing that is going to change. Change is coming now. I am telling you, change is coming now”. The guy was not only very rude, he was quite stupid also. Blacks voted for Obama because they just wanted a black man as president. Most of them did not know or even care what his ideology was. None that I talked to could give one reason for voting for him except that he was black. Some whites voted for him just to show that they are racially acceptable. I know a lot of people would construe that as racist but it truly is not. I am convinced that racism is mostly on the black side anyway. As long as we have hyphenated Americans we will not have a united America. If you are ashamed of simply being American why don’t you just leave. I am sure there are countries all over the world where you could go but then it would be stupid of you to leave because other countries would not put up with your hatred toward whites. I think there has been a generation raised that in a way feels guilty for being white. They go to any extreme to appease a non existent guilt such as accepting a culture that is centered on welfare, prostitution and drugs. How stupid can you get. That is as stupid as white girls sleeping with black guys just to show they are not prejudiced. They have no idea that they are just a trophy to these men. I am not talking about relationships of true love and devotion. Most are simply trophy hunts. That is exactly what this presidency is. Blacks think things are going to change because they have acquired a “black” president. From what I have read he is only about 5% black He is a lot more Muslim than he is black. One thing is for sure. Time will tell what he is made of.  I know the stakes are very high. Freedom for your grand children is a precious thing to gamble with but then liberals do not count patriotism as a precious thing so to them it is nothing. Like the French lady said a few years ago about Muslims taking over France. She said “It doesn’t matter what kind of government we have, at least we are alive”. That is a pitiful display of cowardice and fatalism.

Morals versus Character   Is there a difference between morals and character? At first thought the answer might be that they are the same but are they? You can take ten issues requiring moral judgment and you can ask ten people to give you their thoughts on these ten issues and you could well get ten different answers from each person. Ask them about character though and you will see a much closer consensus. Character comes from a Greek term meaning "engraved or stamped mark". In psychology, it means a life established on principles of enduring motivational traits that are manifested in the way that an individual reacts to various challenges. Character is engraved in the very nature of a person. In seminary they teach you that a person’s character is established by the time they are five years old and it sticks with the person for life. Most of our children’s character is established by strangers in child care because most of America is so caught up with money that they sacrifice their children to the god of wealth and give the establishment of their character to strangers. A person of loose moral fiber can have character. Character is not an attribute of wealth. The poor can and do have character. A jewel thief can have character.  Character determines how we act in a given situation. Character is the mark or engraved status on our lives that will not let us be brought down into the gutter of those who have no character. I feel we are filling Washington DC with individuals who have no character or moral fiber. I have worked with people who have no moral fiber. I have also worked with people who have no character. I have worked with adulterers that I have trusted completely because they were not a thief in the physical sense. They have character about them. There was established limits to their immoral actions. They knew they were an adulterer but they would not take a dollar lying loose. I have worked with others that would steal the penny off of a dead mans eyes. These people have no character. They are what we referred to when I was young as gutter rats. They not only lack the moral fiber to restrain their actions, they lack the character to function in a trustworthy manner as a trusted member of society. They are gutter rats. I fear that Washington is full of these gutter rats that not only lack moral fiber but they lack the character to lead this great nation. I read that on July 12th Congress for the first time in the history of the United States of America will open Congress with a Hindu prayer. How did Congress become filled with these gutter rats? I knew the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi along with Kennedy, Edwards and Boxer were of this ilk as well as most of the other liberal left wing Democrats but I honestly am surprised that the so called chaplain’s office has joined their ranks. For a long time now the liberals have been screaming separation of church and state even though history clearly teaches us from the founding documents upward that America was established as a Christian nation. It is a terrible thing when a nation forsakes the God that has given it birth. To cast off God is to cast off hope, peace and the future of our children. Please if it is not too late; reach out to bring those Democrats who are not part of this socialist agenda around to vote Republican in 08. If not Republican, then ask them to vote independent or just to stay at home. This has to be turned around before it is too late for the future of our children. There is no Character in at least half of Washington DC. These gutter rats must go.

America is fallen!     Although this is not the headline today it is very probable this headline will appear in newspapers around the world at some point in the future. Will it be because of conservative values? No! Will it be because the principles failed which our founding fathers handed down to us? No! Will it be because we have continued as a nation of morality and law? No! It will be because of the political left in America. It will be because these people who call themselves the educated elite insist on embracing the ideology of those who want to destroy us while chipping away at the moral fiber of our nation with the hammer of activist judges and politicians who do not have the best for America at their heart. It will be because these left wing idiots (This is truly what they are) have no principles on which they stand other than oppose anything that has been good about America although they have grown rich on the capitalism that is America. They have opposed every war that America has gotten involved in even to the point of embracing as their own those who leave the country to keep from serving in the military. They hail one of these cowards as the greatest president they have ever had. It is a disgrace on the memory of our fallen sons and daughters that people shamefully voted this lowlife whose lack of morals shamed the nation into the greatest office in the land. They see no wrong in dictators because their lives are not affected in a direct way by these murderers of the innocent even though these dictators are building vast armies whose guns are being trained on America. Just like Jane Fonda when she went to North Vietnam and showed how stupid she was and apparently still is, these left wing socialist see no wrong with those who would oppress entire nations of people and force their socialist and dictatorial doctrines on the masses. These left wing zealots are reaching out to Islam like it is a good religion while they oppose Christianity with the vilest exhibitions of hatreds. Remember when they were teaching their political candidates how to “Sound” Christian even though they are not. It does not matter that Islam has been the cruel taskmaster and slaughterer's of the innocent of entire nations of peoples for centuries. It only matters that they are against the pillars of Christianity that has made America great. The Ted Kennedy's, Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's and others of their ilk and now this Barac Obama character would willingly and gleefully destroy the Constitution, the borders and anything that maintains us as a sovereign and free nation. They claim that freedom is what they fight for but they are lying. True freedom is bound by social responsibility. Democrats have no allegiance to any philosophy except the agenda they embrace with enthusiasm. That agenda is to turn America into the playground of even the most vile sodomite and pedophile. It is to destroy our position as the only world super power which we have earned by being the nation our founding fathers envisioned. It is beyond my ability to understand why the Democrat party has embraced these left wing leaders with a zeal that defies explanation. Mainstream Democrats claim they have morals. They exhibit none however. I would like to hear them discuss their morality. They claim they embrace Christianity. I would like to hear them discuss Christianity because they support politicians that oppose anything Christian. They claim they support our troops yet they want to withhold funding for these men and women. They say they support the notion of government by the people and for the people yet they appoint activist judges who use their office to undermine the people. They say they support our Constitution yet there has to be a constant vigilance in Washington to make sure these snake in the grass lawmakers do not slip bills through that destroy your Constitutional rights. The old Democrat party was an honorable  institution. It has changed however. Those who are members of this party must realize that the political party that was once great and honorable and was called the Democrat party has been taken over by left wing socialist who are using the votes of those who are dedicated to the Democrat party to destroy America. Their agendas are fueled by activism from extreme elements of the lowest levels of society. What is clearly seen by people of morality and conviction as the lowest level of human corruption now holds high office in the Democrat party. They support sodomy and even sodomite marriage. They support murdering the unborn. They are even beginning to support euthanasia of the elderly and infirm. They want to experiment with human embryo's. They will not defend themselves in a war although they do not mind others dying for them as long as they can take the upper ground of self righteous indignation against it. They are a party of hypocrites living in denial while nations around the world are falling to dictators and all the while they are playing the tune of socialism to anyone they can get to listen with their gift wrappings of affirmative action and freedom to live corrupt lifestyles with no moral restraints. Yes, I fear that my grandchildren may read the headline “America has fallen”. Like David in the Bible when Paul the king died, “How are the mighty fallen?

Anti Liberal     Let me say at the beginning that I am vehemently anti liberal. I am vehemently anti socialist. I am not a far right wing conservative. I am I suppose a foundationalist for lack of a better word. I believe in following the dream of the founding fathers and the Constitution they gave us. A liberal will try to paint me as ignorant or stupid but that is their tactic because they have no other argument or else they will simply curse me until they are out of breath. I got an E-Mail from a woman who said she had given Hillary Clinton her support and asked me to send Hillary an E-Mail giving her mine. Of course it was a slap in the face but I told her I would be glad to send her an E-Mail. I did. I begged her not to run for President in '08 because the liberals had already all but destroyed everything that is good and decent in America. It is a real pity that people will give their support to someone like Hillary Clinton without even thinking first. Democrats are like a bunch of lemmings who will follow the pied piper of left wing liberalism to their doom. The song the pied piper is playing here is feminism and socialism. Feminist are nothing but liars and hypocrites. They are not opening their mouths about the freedoms brought to the women in Afghanistan and Iraq. They simply scream get out. We have no business there. Such hypocrisy! They only care about what they can do here in America and they are driven by the money of socialist dreams. The feminist will vote for a woman without regard to her political convictions or how well she can lead the nation. This is dangerous. I would ask one question only. What has she done? She has done NOTHING. She knows NOTHING. She has done NOTHING. She is an empty shell who was the wife of an American President who was NOTHING but a philandering whore monger. Yet feminist will go and vote her into office at a critical time in our nations history just to make a point. That is like burning down the house because you don't like the way it is decorated.  Pro choice Democrats are once again in control of Congress and they are wasting no time trying to gain back the ground of destroying America that is their main agenda. They are now furthering their agenda to include euthanasia. Who is surprised? Anti gun groups are salivating at the mouth because they see a hope of pulling America's teeth of resistance to their socialist agenda's. The things they are saying are the same words Hitler used in 1938 to get guns out of the homes of Germans but no one seems to care. Most do not even want to get involved. Many democrats are screaming get out of Iraq now without regard to the hundreds of thousands of lives that would be lost in the insueing civil war. Who is surprised? Do you not remember the cries of the anti war crowd in Vietnam and the ensuing deaths of millions by the Khmer Rouge. You are probably too young and were raised on the lies of liberal educators. You should read “The Killing Fields”. That would have never happened if America had not listened to the anti war crowd. There was not a whimper from these left wing liars and hypocrites. They did not care as long as they got their way. The hands of the Democrats are drowning in the blood of innocents for the last two hundred years from the Civil War here to the procrastination they bring upon America about helping anyone who cries out to us. The motto of the Democrats should be “Use them and leave them to their enemies”. Here in America drugs are rampant while Democrats want to turn a blind eye to cleaning up our streets. Rapes and murders abound but the criminals rights must be protected. Little children are being kidnapped by sexual deviants who liberal attorneys will protect with their millions. I cannot get out of my mind the case of little Jessica Lunsford who was kidnapped, raped repeatedly and buried alive by a heinous murderer. His confession was thrown out of court by a judge. Let us only hope that justice prevails here in spite of the political left. Abortion clinics are making mountains of money killing our heritage while people go to the polls and vote in more of these left wing liberal Democrats who appoint more left wing activist judges to help their cause by trying to legislate from the bench and bypass the Constitutions legislative powers. Left wing liberal judges are opening the doors of our prisons and turning loose so many criminals that even the police are overwhelmed trying to keep up with them. Our schools operate in lock down mode because the public square is nothing but a jungle of steel. People dare not go out at night because gangs own the streets and if you carry a gun to protect yourself with you are considered the criminal yourself. America is at the mercy of criminals and you are not even supposed to protect yourself. The police cannot protect you. They would have to be at the scene. It takes them forty minutes to arrive so they do not have to face the criminal. They finish their donuts and coffee before they come. They can only take reports after the fact and leave you to hope they will investigate. You cannot talk about it because you are screamed down for being insensitive to the needs of others and uncouth. You are expected to stifle your freedom of speech for the sake of “Political Correctness” which is nothing but a liberals way of taking away your free speech. The homosexuals are gaining ground mainly because of Democrat supporters. They want these sodomites money. They care nothing about America. The Democrats are leaving our children and our grandchildren a heritage that is built on shifting sand. It will crumble as surely as every empire in the world has crumbled under the hands of liberals. You are considered a terrible person if you stand up for morality and against this sodomite invasion on our society. They do not want you. They want your children. Wake up and smells the barn stall for the sake of your children. It is not roses you smell! Illegal aliens are pouring across the border with virtually unopposed abandon and we put our border patrol agents in prison when they kill a drug runner. Mexican military are coming across our borders freely helping these drug runners. Our southern border is a no mans land of criminal activity and our government for years has turned a blind eye to it. Our nation has all but been taken over by these illegal aliens who are nothing but criminals. Do you think if they come to America illegally they are all of a sudden going to be law abiding citizens. Of course they will not. They are bleeding our system dry in every way they can but we have to accept it because Washington is full of corruption. If you want to see this mess stopped the only way it will happen is to put true conservatives in Washington. The Democrats will not stop it and neither will liberal Republicans. They are all filling their pockets with the nations wealth before the ship sinks. The only way to stop it is to put people in office who are there to serve America and not themselves. Will this happen? No! The liberal left wing press immediately tries to show any conservative who has the courage to stand up as a fringe lunatic who wants to send the nation spiraling into a fascist hole when the truth is it is the left who are the fascist. They will stifle any voice that criticizes them with extreme prejudice. They will use all of their resources to bring down anyone who stands in the way of them obtaining their socialist goals. All you have to do is look at the last six years. President Bush has did a fantastic job of fighting two wars in itself against an elusive and determined enemy. The amazing thing is that he has accomplished this with the Democrat party throwing all of their resources behind stopping him and destroying him. They have dropped stumbling blocks in his path every way he has turned yet half of America is blind to these anti American tactics of the Democrats. There are multitudes of Democrats who are honestly guilty of outright treason yet people will vote them back into office because they had rather be blind to what is happening than to see a Republican win. God help America but then these Democrats want to throw God out of America. The Democrats are salivating over a closet Muslim whom I have heard on the news is named after Saddam Hussein. Where will it end? If we do not wake up it will end with your grandchildren seeing America taken over by illegal Mexican thieves at the voting booth because we did nothing about it or bowing down toward Mecca and wearing burqa's. It is YOUR choice. What are YOU going to do. Who are YOU going to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election? Will you do nothing and just watch it happen. It is almost too late now.


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PERVERSION and CORRUPTION     Why does our major TV Broadcasters work so hard to bring perversions and corruption into our homes and families? If this question was looked at hard and honestly we would see the depth that ungodliness has taken hold of our nation. At this time NBC is planning on broadcasting a Madonna special where she apparently literally commits biblical blasphemy when she puts herself on a cross as Christ. She knows that she has no draw among Christians and could care less (It is her personal choice) but what about NBC?  It also tells me that NBC has no regard for Christianity or Christians. Why would a broadcasting company isolate themselves from so many to put such a low taste event on the air. I would say on the surface that I believe it is because their god is money. They are saying loud and clear that they have no morals and will debase you and your children for the all important dollar but it has to be more than that because they are isolating themselves from a large part of the nation to do this. I believe there is more than money at stake. I believe it has to do with the secularizing of America by the political left who is in charge of the majority of the media and networks. They are not concerned about people not watching because they do not believe that Americans have any principals left that they are willing to stand on. They do not fear boycotts. Too many people like the sitcoms and other shows that draw viewers for it to be a concern for them. They believe Christians are a voiceless, spineless minority. Is it true? Do you not have enough gumption or principals left to take a stand against such perversions? You may say you made a serious mistake in your past and cannot say anything about others. I did also. Everyone has. Mine was adultery, but I do not lay down and wallow in the past. Once broke me from sucking eggs, so to speak. I had rather walk through fire than live through something like that again. It is called repentance. I do not watch NBC, CBS or ABC, MSNBC or CNN. I will not watch a network that deliberately debases the things I hold dear in my own life. I will not watch when they are openly trying to destroy my grandchildren with their wickedness. If they want it in their own life, it is their business but when they try to push it into my home and my children's home and my grand children's lives it becomes my business. They have CNN on the break room TV's where I work and there is a push to get this changed to Fox News. I go into the break room and hear Wolfe Blitzer and his lap dogs attacking everything I and so many others hold dear and I have quit going there to take a break. I cannot eat there because the way they attack everything in America nauseates me. It is a matter of principal. It seems like every network has taken on the agenda of the sodomites by pushing these shows portraying sodomy as an acceptable lifestyle on our children and our homes. There is a deviancy at work in America and it looks like people are playing Rip Van Winkle because they had rather pretend it will go away. It won't go away. It will only get worse. I say it so often but America is like the Ostrich with its head in the sand hoping their enemies will simply not be there the next time they look. Guess what! The enemies of your family have moved in and taken up residence. When will you get involved? It is almost too late now. Where are your principals?

OSTRICH GENERATION!     I think this generation has to go down in history as the Ostrich generation. The United Nations (Now that's an oxymoron) Human Rights Counsel has spent more time examining Israel than it has any other nation in its history although the UN is filled with dictatorships that use slaughter as a political tool. That is because those who hate Israel is in control at the UN but we keep pouring money into the UN. The UN is clearly anti America but we keep pouring money into their coffers. The UN would be called a joke but it is too sad to call a body that should be prestigious and honorable and protective of those unable to defend themselves a joke. Koffi Annan has used the UN to amass his own private fortune while carrying those who would look the other way on his back. The abuses at the UN are too great and too many to continue looking the other way. It is simply a failure that has been given over to corrupt member states while good men turned their heads the other way. My dad always said you don't keep throwing good money after bad. That means that when something is clearly a failure you dump it before it brings you down to ruin. Even good nations are wallowing in the mire of decadent lawmakers. England is now allowing experiments where a human embryo is joined with that of an animal creating a true abomination, a mythological chimera. Is their no end to the abominable practices of corrupt men and women? In one word, NO! They will not control themselves. This is why they must be controlled by sound laws that cannot be left to private interpretation of corrupt and political activist judges. When you throw out moral responsibility in government base and corrupt men and women run amuck forcing their agenda's motivated by ungodliness on the masses. Russia is going back to it's old ways. They are  playing on the global scene as a responsible member while in the background she is supporting with weapons and technology dictator states such as Iran. Iran is now controlled by a madman who denies the holocaust and lives to see Israel destroyed. In our own nation we now have our newly elected Democrats who are calling for Iran and Syria to help in Iraq. This is lunacy but what else can be expected of them when the Democrat who is going to head up the commission on security for Congress  cannot even answer basic question about Al Quada and Hamas. Democrats are clueless but they are the ones the voting machines said won the elections. I cannot believe people actually voted them into office but the machines said they did and no one is arguing with that. I feel like the Democrats are against the war mainly because it might threaten financially their pet project, Affirmative Action. Our nation is being brought to the brink of bankruptcy by a growing monster called affirmative action and this is mainly what put the Democrats back into power. Without sounding racist, I work with people who are driving a vehicle who's payment is more than they earn in a month and yet they are able to get these luxury cars while drawing food stamps and living in poverty. I have seen Cadillac Escalades parked in front on trailers with dirt yards! Something is just not right about this picture folks but the Democrats will not do anything about it because Affirmative Action is their bread and butter. You don't take someone who is used to living in poverty and place them in a mansion overnight. In a few months the mansion will be a slum. They must be taught responsible social living standards. As an example there was a house beside mine once upon a time. Some Mexican migrant workers moved into this nice house, about 20 or so of them in a three bedroom house. I could see that they were responsible members of society because at the grocery store their wives would have a few items of food which she paid for with food stamps and the man would be behind her with a push cart filled over the top with beer. In about a month the windows were broken out of the house and the curtains were blowing in the breeze. There was no grass left in the yard and beer cans filled the area around the house. Yes, America is going to thrive under the Democrats! To our south is a raging fire burning with the vengeance of a communist madman. Illegal Mexicans are coming across our border at will like rats leaving a sinking ship while in our own nation companies are leaving America like rats leaving a like sinking ship. It looks like we have a political newbie with a name no one can even pronounce and that we know very little about that the Democrats are fawning over for the Presidential run in '08. We have John McCain who did more fighting the Republicans than he did supporting them for the past six years because he is bitter that the Republicans did not choose him in 2000. As a nation, we need help but where is it going to come from? I can guarantee it will not come from the Democrats. Will someone please come up with a workable plan to turn our nation back to its moral roots before we are a sodomy driven, baby murdering, bankrupt wreck?


Blame!     There is more arguing about who was to blame for 9/11 or who could have done more. It is ridiculous to try and blame someone personally. The ones to blame are the terrorist who hate us for being America and not Muslim. The Democrats are trying to blame Republicans and that boat simply does not float. As to the question about could Clinton have done more to fight terrorism, there is no doubt about it. He was an abject failure when it came to fighting terrorism. The philandering president, Bill Clinton came out very aggressively against Mr. Wallace and I am convinced the purpose in that was an attempt to stop questioning about a great failure of Bill Clinton's. I heard a Democrat strategist on Fox say that there was no terrorist attack on the Clinton watch. I don't know where he was because the US was a veritable shooting gallery for terrorist under Clinton. We had the first World Trade Center bombing. We had the Black Hawk Down fiasco which would have been a success if Clinton had authorized Puff The Magic Dragon support for the mission but he would not even do this. We have the bodies of American soldiers dragged through the streets of Somalia while he did nothing. We had the USS Cole bombing. Again, he did nothing. During his administration America was like the sitting duck just bouncing around from the attacks. It was quite a different story on the home front though. His administration was really good at capturing little boys and sending them crying back to a dictator. His administration was great at blowing the brains out of an unarmed mother as she stood holding her baby at Ruby Ridge and all of that over a shotgun that was cut off two inches shorter than was legal. His administration was great with attacking a place in Waco Texas which triggered the deaths of countless women and children. The Federal Building in Colorado was blown up by home grown terrorist and they hurriedly executed the only man caught. The big question should be, was it home grown. It has since been discovered that several members of the 9/11 terrorist was there that day including the 9/11 leader. Yes, the Clinton administration has a lot to hide and a very good reason to get aggressive to stop the questioning. We had a man in the White House who was a draft dodger and so little respected that veterans turned their backs on him. His administration was a dark period where the IRS was used to silence his enemies and even allegations of murder were brought up. America thrived on a plastic economy for eight years and it was a miraculous achievement that President Bush's administration was able to successfully avert a depression when the plastic economy started going sour after Clinton left office. That great home of some of the greatest men who ever lived from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln on down was nothing but a playground for sexual favors. If we were like ancient Egypt, the cry should be; “Let his name be removed from every public place and never mentioned again”. Please do not vote this family back into the White House and send this nation into another tailspin of a perverted administration.

Headlines   It is getting harder to write because every day the headlines are filled with despicable and anti-American articles. We have a new National Anthem which is not even our anthem and it is not in English. I heard the idiot who wrote it on TV talking about how the “Rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” are inappropriate in today’s society because it left a memory of violence. I have news for him. Freedom is not free. Freedom cost the lives of many Americans to purchase and secure. He should be forced to take a guided tour through Arlington Cemetery and every other federal and state cemetery in the nation although I doubt it would make a difference with him. He may hold no value in what our freedom cost but I do pray that he is in the minority. He is a sniveling coward if he thinks freedom can be bought or sustained without the highest price in human life. In other news, these illegals from Mexico are a drain and an insult on America and our laws. They are coming across the border in a vast migration that smells to me to be a planned agenda. Twelve million is not an accident. It is a planned movement. The west has just about been lost to Mexico and they are swiftly filling the entire nation. They have no regard for American civil laws or our immigration laws. They are criminals and should be treated like criminals. Every time I hear them speak of it on TV, I hear the same old story about the west belonging to Mexico and should be given back. These people are not coming to America to become Americans and adopt our customs and language. They are coming to take over and make America like Mexico. I have heard the remarks in these marches with people saying “Viva Meh-i-co”. If they wanted to become Americans would they not be saying viva America. This is because their allegiance belongs to a foreign country. This should not be. I remember and still see the Mexican flags carried prominently. Do not be fooled by the carrying of American flags. Their heart is not with America. If they want to become Americans they have to learn that we are a notion of laws which they have no regard for, beginning with coming across the border legally. They would learn English and adopt our customs. I see them move into a neighborhood and rent a house and before long there are twenty or thirty living in a house and then you see the windows gone and curtains hanging out and blowing in the breeze with beer cans and liquor bottles lying everywhere. You can sit idly by and let them take America by storm if you want to but remember, it is the heritage you have a right to leave to your children that they are stealing illegally. It is your grandchildren’s future that is being stolen. Think about it. Do you want to leave them a nation  like that?

VOTE It is more than a right. It is a responsibility.

POLLS & REPORTS     Why are polls and unknown sourced reports important in politics? It never fails. When it comes close to election time polls and reports fill the air waves. The Democrats are great pushers of these things but the question is why when no one knows who will be in office until after the elections. It is just like the last election. The polls were saying that President Bush had lost early in the day and got even stronger as the day wore on but they all turned out to be bogus. What good can possibly come from these reports which have no source and polls from openly biased organizations have on elections? I know a lot of people do not want to hear it but a great deal of people (Most in fact) are followers. They do not want to be on the losing side. This means their vote is up for grabs. Not by enticing them with facts and proven performance but by telling them that if they vote for a certain party they are going to be on the losing side. When a poll shows low numbers for a particular candidate these  poll followers will shift their vote to the supposedly winning side. When a report from God only knows who shows that a certain party is going to win the House and Senate these poll and report followers will shift their vote to be on what they perceive to be the winning side. This is why you see the biased news media filling the airwaves with polls and unknown sourced reports every election. It will get much worse as we get closer to election day. The hoopla over Mark Foley is just another attempt by the Democrats to sway the election. The Democrat party is full of homosexuals and worse, such as Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick in Washington and the Democratic biased media will go so far as to squelch corruption reports on everyone from Congress to their Presidents but give them a Republican and that is another story indeed. The days of uninformed voting are over. An uninformed voter is a loaded weapon in the hands of the politician who is best able to manipulate them and gain their vote. Do not let your vote be stolen by reports and polls or even breaking news that have a psychological and politically driven agenda behind them. Know the issues. Listen to what each side has to say and weigh what they say in the balance of America's future for your children and grandchildren. What kind of future do you want for your grandchildren? As for me, I want a future where my grandchildren can walk free and know that our great nation is protected by responsible laws and moral restraints that will protect them. This cannot happen by voting in more Democrats who work to undermine a moral America. Homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, euthanasia, anti-gun agenda's and the do what is right in your own eyes crowd are the Democrat stripe. Is this really what you want for your children's future? Vote republican, not an anger driven by the Democrat hate machine.

Hamas is telling Palestinian mothers to raise their children for Jihad. Now that is love for your people isn’t it? I can see the roadside signs now. If your child is strong enough to hold a milk bottle and walk, they can hold a hand grenade and if they are strong enough to hold an AK-47, they are old enough to kill! The media plays right into Hamas hands, just like they do to all anti-American and anti Jewish organizations. I see the news media constantly putting weeping Palestinian mothers on TV who have lost a murdering hate filled son or daughter who killed themselves in order to kill Jews whom they hate. I never see the news putting weeping Israeli’s on who have lost family members and children in these cowardly and pathetic attacks against the innocent. I see Saudi Arabia and other terrorist supporting nations giving these families who love to kill Jews money for the loss of their cowardly loved ones. Iran has no fear from the socialist controlled United (That’s a laugh) Nations and so is pursuing their nuclear ambitions virtually unopposed since the United States would appear to be a war mongering nation if we used military force to prevent this unspeakable horror from happening. North Korea is simply waiting for America to be overly taxed in several places at once to pounce with its war machine into South Korea. Syria is a boiling pot of terrorism that is just waiting to explode. The stockpiles of WMD’s that were trucked into Syria are waiting ready to be used against Islam’s enemies at a convenient time, probably against Israel. Islam is taking over France with leaps and bounds and there is virtually no opposition in their pacifist socialized society. American educators are preaching acceptance of Islam from our campuses, knowing that Islam is a repressive society where individual rights are unheard of and religious freedom is non-existent. In America, Democrats are leading a war, not against terrorist but against other Americans, Republicans to be exact, in an effort to regain power to further their corrupt socialist agenda’s in America. The news media is busy in a non stop war against President Bush because of their liberal hatred for anything he stands for. The scene is right for a major war that is centered around Middle Eastern nations. I believe the only thing that is preventing this is the uncertainty of how America’s political future will go. If Americans vote into office corrupt compromising politicians who want to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world, the violence and path to war will increase. If America shows that we have the fortitude and courage to stand against these terrorist and their war machine, they will back down. It is time for Americans to vote their patriotism and not their private agenda’s.

Danish Muhammad Drawings     It is hard to believe the media censorship and the government condemnation of these cartoons in a day when it is acceptable on the left’s part to portray Christ in a bottle of piss. In a time when it is socially acceptable and politically correct to condemn Christianity how can the left, the media and the government exceed the height of hypocrisy revealed in their condemnation of these political cartoons. Are these cartoons causing the burning, looting, murders and hatred taking place in the Muslim world? I think not! Islam is and always has been a religion of hatred, murder, rape and pillage. The Ottoman empire was the cruelest regime ever to exist on the face of the earth. They are singularly responsible for wiping out entire peoples from the face of the earth simply because they were not Muslim and refused to convert. The horror is not these cartoons. The real horror are the film footage of small boys with AK47’s or young children with toy bomb belts that they wear like a prized toy. The real horror is the pictures of them beheading innocent people or the bombings of innocent people. The Islamic religion is driven by hatred. Murder is the way of life that Islam teaches. In Iran they rape young girls before they hang them so they cannot enter their heaven. It is a despicable religion that teaches the only sure way to heaven is to die killing your enemies. These cartoons are not the problem. The problem is the religion they portray. The real problem is the followers of this false prophet who climbed on a horse to conquer in the name of his moon god. The real problem is the criminal element ho flock to this religion because it does not teach love as a precept. It allows and fosters hatred against anyone who is not Muslim. They justify this by saying that non Muslims are less the human. It is a bigger crime in Islam to kill a dog than it is a non Muslim. Do not be fooled by the enticing lying words of the political left and even our own deceived Republican party. America has never faced a more determined or a more hate filled and despicable enemy then Islam. I had to search hard to find he offending drawings that has caused so much controversy. See the Pictures.

Leftist = Communist   Why does the news play into the deception games of communism? In the riots in Argentina the red flags should stir up warnings of who these people are. The hammer and sickle should remind you who these people are and what they stand for. The pictures of Lenin should drive the nails home in the coffin of who these anarchist are. You do not call a goat a dog. You do not call these communist names like rioters, protesters and disenfranchised either. They are communist working to further communism in the world. Hugo Chavez is the one who organized and led this travesty of dishonesty. He has goals of being the next Castro. The news should be telling America what we are seeing and fighting instead of deceiving America into thinking these people are rioting because of President Bush. These Molotov cocktail throwing communist are fighting to bring down democracy in the world. They hate Bush because he stands for what they hate. He stands for Democracy. The left in America are shining their communist boots when they see these images. In case you did not know it, the Socialist Party Of America has a web site and you can go there. If you read their articles (Be careful because they are very deceiving) you will read where they decided they could not get into political power by being communist so they changed the image they represented to the world. They began calling themselves “New Democrats”. They hail Bill Clinton as the first “New Democrat” President. They began infesting the Democrat party and found a willing vessel because the Democrats say they want to accept all people. This is true of everyone except conservatives and Christians. Now virtually all of the leaders of the democrat party are “New Leftist” or “New Democrats”. This means they are socialist/communist. These socialist/communist leaders in the Democrat party are really wolves in wolves clothing. They are members of the elite in the socialism movement who believe they know what is best for you and your family. One of their favorite tactics is to begin welfare programs and raise or find new ways to tax people. Have you ever noticed that most people who get into these programs never get out of them? They get used to being taken care of. Socialist/communist/leftist like this scenario. They have a sure voting base because these people will always vote for them because they are made to fear losing these social benefits if they don’t. They work their taxes so those under their umbrella are not subject to them. Remember, the wealth has to be redistributed in their Leftist/socialist/communist utopia. When you listen to the leaders of the Democrat party, you are listening to leaders of this leftist/socialist/communist movement in America. When you see these anarchist in places like Argentina you are seeing the hoodlums that these political activist the world over use to further their leftist/socialist/communist ends. It is a shame and a disgrace that the news in America has been infiltrated by these left wing socialist/communist to the point that they will further work to deceive the American public as to what they are really seeing on the news. These Leftist/socialist/communist believe in the redistribution of wealth. They are not working to do this in one country. They are working to do this in the entire world. You hear liberal left wing propaganda machines telling you that socialism is dead in the world. To the contrary it is stronger than it has ever been. They are not wearing the gray suits of the past because they are trying to gain supporters, not scare them away. It is the same old poisonous destructive enemy that it has always been though. It is a shame that people have to be extremely informed to see through the deceptions of the leftist/socialist/communist politicians and news media.

Where is the salt?     I said it myself. Massachusetts on Nov. 1st. introduced legislation to make bestiality legal. I said that if sodomite marriage was legalized that this further digression into corruption and wickedness would surely follow. Keep voting these Democrats into office. They have proven beyond all doubt that they are against God, morality and anything that has character and honesty as it guiding light. This is all a sign of the times we are living in. They had a special on Fox the other night about global warming but it was all from the liberal left wing activist view. The truth is that what they are calling global warming is the events spoken of by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew. Just like the earth itself is crying out to God, the wickedness in the world is getting worse every day. It seems like every sunrise brings a deeper depth to the corruption that is taking over the world. For years now the rest of the world has been embracing wickedness that is shameful to even talk about but now America, thanks to the ungodly and anti-Christian liberal left is hungering after what the rest of the world is already filled with. The sodomite world is feeding this onslaught of sin to our own children with seeming impunity. These sodomites and lesbians are now trying to take the emphasis of the “gay” life off of sexuality saying it is about a lifestyle, not a sexual preference. This is like saying that flying is about the ride, not the airplane. One cannot be done without the other. If America does not wake up it will be lost. There is no middle ground. I do not think it will be saved from this trip down the path of liberal obsession and corruption. It is a necessary conclusion to the events of the last days. The Bible tells us that “All” the world will turn against Israel. This will never happen as long as there are conservative, Christian voices in America to stand in the gap. The Bible tells us that Christians are the salt of the earth. Salt is a preserver. A preserver’s function is to prevent corruption from destroying the item it is placed in. When there is no preserver or not enough of it, the meat will spoil from the corruption that attacks it. America is being destroyed by corruption and there are not enough preservers (Christians) in the land. Make no mistake, it will not get better. Corruption spreads like a cancer. The only cure is to cut out the corruption and America will not do that. This means that corruption will spread in the land. My synopsis! It is going to get worse.

Islamic Terrorist (JUST UPDATED)   If the war against terrorism is not a religious war, why are all of the terrorist Islamic? If it is not religious, why is it Islamic religious leaders who are pushing it? If it is not religious, why do Muslims not condemn it from their Mosque and from their prayer towers. If it is not religious, why do they use the term “allah be praised” when they hear of an attack? If it is not religious, why does their “holy book” preach it throughout? They do not respect “Moderates” whom they consider nonbelievers. Why do their mainstream fundamental leaders not condemn these attacks if it is not religious? If these attacks are not religiously motivated, why is their religion marred by a non stop history of hatred for Christians and Jews, and reeks of genocide, atrocities, rape and mass murder? Get real! Who is being deceived here? This religion has never and never will change. Have you ever heard of the Ottoman Empire? Are we seeing an attempt at it’s resurgence. We had better wake up before our children learn about it first hand.  Read More   Arrow_comes_by left02   This article is added to and updated very often. Please, Must read!!!!!   UPDATED REGULARLY

Dreaming     There are things that happen to each of us that bring us back to reality checks. Sometimes it is tragic events. Sometimes it is very joyful and pleasing experiences. Have you ever heard anyone say “I long for war and suffering”? Have you ever heard anyone sit around and mope because their life was not filled with pain and misery? Have you ever heard anyone long and cry in the night for poverty to strike them or for hunger and sickness to overtake them? Of course not! We long for the good times. We want to laugh and if tears come our way, let them be for overwhelming happiness and never for hurt and pain. I think it is good to cry because of overwhelming love or joy. It is uplifting to the soul. I had a very pleasing visit this weekend by my Grandson although it was much too short. Like the articles in Readers Digest about “Laughter is good for the soul”, laughter and time with loved ones takes you away form the cares of the world. We each one need to visit times of “Dreaming”. Read more

The Supreme Court Vs God What is it about those Ten Commandments? We see a battle in our land over whether to even let them be seen in public. Read about it.

"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." --James Madison, Federalist No. 10

What does the Bible have to say about salvation? Why must people trust in this man called Jesus? Who is he? What makes the blood of this one man so important for all people? Why can’t I choose my own way to heaven? I think I am a pretty good person; why can’t I go to heaven just being myself? Isn’t it a cruel God that would throw people in this place called hell just for not doing things his way? Find out the answer to all of these and more in this article. Read slowly and carefully. Your eternal soul may depend on it! Also, in this next article find out why the left hates Christianity and is its sworn enemy. Those Abrasive Christians.

FREE THINGS   I think it is nice to show people some actually free things. Here are some links to free things I have found that truly are beneficial, free and well worth your time downloading or ordering. If you order them, they do charge a small amount to cover the CD’s and shipping. I get nothing for this. I use them and they are better than anything you can buy. If you know of anything I can add to this, let me know and I will check it out. If it truly is free and is not filled with spy ware or anything, I will list it.

     The first is Open Office. It is a free suite of programs that are as good as any office suite you can buy. The difference is, it is completely free. You will go and buy a software suite for upwards of $500.00 and not get everything you get here.  Open Office Download Site

     The second is E-Sword. It is the best Bible Study program I have ever found period. It is free and can be loaded with unbelievable amounts of helps. E-Sword Download Site

     The third is from SnapFiles. The freeware section of their site has some very good utility’s that cover just about every aspect of computing. Have you ever found yourself saying to someone that there was a program that did a certain thing and you wished you could remember what it was or where you could get it. Well, this is where you will probably find it. Check it out. You will get lost in time browsing the various free ware they offer. Most of it is very good.

     I hope you find these free software’s helpful.

Pictures   Want to see some pictures that you will never see on the news. We are in the largest mass misinformation project America has ever seen by the media. The news wants everyone to think that the military is evil and losing the war. Check them out.



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     With our homes falling apart around us, our nation turning to humanism and drugs and our preachers put under the bondage of federal laws of silence, where are we heading in America? With people on our church pews supporting the murder of unborn children and euthanasia, our churches are apostate. In a war on terror, our educational systems are teaching our children the ways of our enemies. We have so called educational leaders calling for more and bigger attacks by our enemies. Our own people scoff at ministers of the Gospel. 


What do I see as the meaning behind the unbelievable actions of the court system? Where will it all end? Who really has authority?


We are in dire straights in America. Read this and I believe you will come to the same conclusion.

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