Top 7 Best NBA Players

Tops NBA Players

1. Kobe Bryant: The best player to spend his entire career with just one NBA franchise is Kobe Bryant, the greatest hooper in Los Angeles Lakers history and a regular name in the GOAT conversation.

Throughout a 19 season span, the Black Mamba dominated basketball and led the post-Showtime Lakers to 5 Championships. Also, he won 1 MVP, 2 Finals MVPs, 2 Scoring Titles, and made it to 12 All-Defense teams.

2. Magic Johnson: Magic Johnson is considered to be the best point guard in the history of the game and for good reason. He owns the highest assists per game average ever and was the best and craftiest playmaker we’ve ever seen.

His ability to play and guard one through five paved the way for him to win 5 Championships in Los Angeles. He played there for 12 straight seasons before retiring for 3 years and then making a 1 season comeback. He led the league in dimes 4 times, twice in steals, won 3 MVPs and 3 Finals MVPs as well.

3. Larry Bird: After Bill Russell went down, Larry Bird outplayed him for the best player in Celtics history distinction, even if he wasn’t nearly half as successful as Russell when it comes to Championships.

Bird spent his entire 13-year career with the Celtics and led them to 3 NBA Championships. Also, he won the ROY, 2 Finals MVPs and 3 regular season MVPs, while making it to 3 All-Defense teams.

4. Bill Russell: While most people don’t give Bill Russell enough credit for all of his accolades, he’s still the winningest player in the history of the game and deserves a lot of recognition for that, as he’s not likely to lose such distinction.

Russell made the Boston Celtics the great franchise they’re nowadays. Over 13 seasons with the team, he led them to 11 of their 17 Championships. Also, he led the league in boards 4 times and won 5 MVPs.

5. Tim Duncan: Other than Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan is the only person to have played a huge part in all of the 5 NBA Championships the Spurs have won as an organization, and he’s acknowledged as their best player in franchise history after 19 seasons with the team.

Duncan’s relentless work ethic made him one of the best big men to ever lace them up. He was a dominant defender but could also score with ease thanks to his unorthodox bank shots. He won 5 rings, the ROY, 2 MVPs, 3 Finals MVPs and made it to 15 All-Defense teams.

6. John Havlicek: John Havlicek was one of the best ever. He always did what was best for his team, and didn’t mind coming off the bench or starting because he always knew how to make a strong impact on both ends of the floor.

Hondo played for 15 seasons with the Boston Celtics and helped them win 8 NBA Championships. Also, he made it to 8 All-Defense teams, 11 All-Stars and even won 1 Finals MVP award.

7. Julius Erving: For all of you that don’t know it, Julius Erving was a major influence for some of the best hoopers in the history of the game (like Michael Jordan) yet he doesn’t get enough credit for what he did in the court.

As a matter of fact, he actually played for the New Jersey Nets before playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, but the Nets were an ABA team back them, so the Sixers were his only NBA team. Over 11 seasons, he led the Sixers to 1 Championship.

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