How to patch this themes?

Follow EXACTLY this steps and it will work!
1. Download Lucky patcher and install it. 
2. Go to SuperSU setting and disable Mount namespace separation > Reboot. 
3. Install theme apk, do not open theme. 
4. Open Lucky patcher > click on theme app > tools > backup. 
5. Uninstall app within Lucky patcher > Restore backup with lucky patcher.(bottom toolbar has backups option) 
6. Click on theme app > open menu of patches > Remove license verification > Auto Mode. 
7. Profit !!$ $ $

What required?

Android 5.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root + Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded! (If have GPM no need use lucky patcher etc..)


A Swift Dark Substratum Theme v1.5

[Substratum] Spectrum Theme v9.0.1

[Substratum] MAGPIE Theme v21.0

[Substratum] Noir Theme v2.6

[Substratum] Beltz Theme v11.4

Swift Black Substratum Theme v2.2

[Substratum] Transparent Theme v8.7

N Navbar Pro – Substratum v7.0

[Substratum]N/Pixel Dark Theme v1.6.4

[Substratum] DestinyDark Theme v9

Antares Substratum Theme v1.6

[Substratum] Destiny Theme v10

Substratum Toolkit -Substratum v6.0

[Substratum] Icons SubSet v2.0

Figlio – Substratum Theme v2.1

[Substratum] Dark Stock Theme v1.6.3

[Substratum] Domination Donate v2.7.1

[Substratum] Lunar v3.9.5b

[Substratum] TextileOS Theme v2.1

[Substratum] Shade UI Theme v6.1

[Substratum] Black Stock Theme v1.6.3

[Substratum] Sparky Font Pack v1.2.0

[Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v4.1

[substratum] OrangeKitten PRO v5.7-21

[substratum] BlueWhiteAF v/fourtyseven/

Parkour – Substratum Theme v3.7.1

[Substratum] View Theme v1.7

[Substratum] Neon Colors Theme v2.9

[Substratum] Neat Theme v11.1

OceanSapphire – Substratum v3.5

[Substratum] Origins Theme v1.1

[Substratum] CommuteUI Theme v8.0.1

[Substratum]Pastel Dark Theme v2.1

[Substratum] Outline Theme v6

[substratum] RedWhiteAF v/seventeen/

[Substratum] iSubstratum Dark vपांच

[Substratum] iSubstratum Theme vछह

[Substratum] Material Time v4.0

[Substratum] Navigate Donate v18.1

[Substratum] Oxygen v3.1

[Substratum] Black Light Theme v4.5

[Substratum] Natur v1.5

[Substratum] Material Dark v4.0

Navbars Theme(Support) vFOURTEEN

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