ARCHER KING For Kakao v1.0 [Mod]

ARCHER KING For Kakao v1.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Move from left to right and shoot down your enemy while you can.


Pull your bow by pressing and take your thumb off to fire.  Maintain your pull for some time for a stronger shot.  For a more effective shot, however, you may want to take your thumb off mid way through.  For a stage based game like ours, managing your time is essential.  You maybe required to slay certain amount of monsters for a limited time.  Or you may be required to survive for a limited time.  But watch out! Certain amount of misses may lead you to failure!  A hint! Suicide bombers are not considered a miss even if you miss them. So try avoiding them if possible. 

Also try our Turn based PvP while riding your dragon.  Dragons will hatch at level 5.  Ride your dragon and shoot down your opponent while your opponent moves automatically from left to right. Predict your opponent’s move and win your trophy.  Choose when to avoid skill attack when defending: Beginning? Middle? Or end? 

Upgrading is free until upgrade level 7. 

There are tons of premium currencies given for doing something for the first time. ex) upgrading, reaching certain level, completing chapters and so on. 

Lottery can be done when you finish each stage. Shuffle your items and go for a spin. If you are lucky, you will get valuable items. You can also instantly buy items of your choice if you don’t want to do the lottery. In ARCHER KING For Kakao, there are no shops. Lottery will be the only place to buy your gears. 

If you want to buy more arrows and Odins though, you may do so by clicking on the top arrow and crystal icons. 

And finally, you can upgrade your accessories to increase damage to your skills. 


RUSH YOUR HERO INTO EXTRA MISSIONS FROM THE DARK AND DIFFICULT  In between mission will give you extra missions.  These missions will give you extra loots and items to prepare you for the next stage. 

LOTTERY!  At the end of each mission, there will be lottery chances.  With 6 chances, you will get the chance to earn yourself some good equipment, game money or arrows (ticket to enter the game). 

ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEMS  Rush your hero through the daily quest or achievement system to gain valuable Odins.  Odin is a premium currency for you to use to power up your Hero. 

DODGE GAME!  Dodge the flying arrows. Hone your dodging skills. It’s not Dodge Ball! It’s Dodge Game! In archer stlye!  Use your skills while dodging your enemies! 

INNOVATIVE SKILL-AIMING CONTROLS  Pull, hold and shoot! Just like a real arrow, feel the pulling sensation with innovative skill-aiming controls. 

UPGRADE YOUR GEARS FOR MAXIMUM DAMAGE  Tune your long bow!  Something to collect and grow to the finest value. 

HEAVENLY WORLD DETOUR  Travel around the virtual world of ARCHER KING For Kakao and feel the magnificence in various stages. 

SPECIAL JUST FOR YOU  Complete your style via specially manufactured costumes.  ARCHER KING For Kakao brings role playing games, long bow action style hunt and real time Dragon War strategy PvP together in intense defense style battles. ARCHER KING For Kakao is free to download; get it today and rush into battle! 

What’s in the MOD?  High Damage  Very High Hp

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