Avast Wi-Fi Finder v2.3.0

Hi guys! Here you can download the game or app of Avast Wi-Fi Finder v2.3.0 in apk format for your android device and everything is free for you.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder v2.3.0
Minimum Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
APK Description: People are used to being connected to secure and fast home or work cable networks, and we expect to the same of our mobile devices everywhere we go. But it doesn’t have to always be the case as mobile data plans have limitations. With Avast Wi-Fi Finder you can connect for free to public Wi-Fi everywhere you go.



We are introducing Avast Wi-Fi Finder for those seeking a free, fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi connection. We are collecting only quality hotspots that are verified and proofed by real people so you can fully rely on our recommendations when you need to find a network.

Connect to the fastest, most secure hotspots around

Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you automatically connect to the nearest free Wi-Fi in your range, so you can save on monthly bills and roaming fees.

Just look at your map and go

Connect to a widespread collection of reliable, fast hotpots crowd-sourced by people just like you – all around the world.

Compare networks

Stuck waiting (and waiting) for a download? See exactly how fast each network is, before you waste time connecting to it.

Get speed and privacy

There’s no need to compromise. Check the security ratings of each network, and stay protected while you browse, chat, or email away.

New Features:

Offline Mode – downloads a list of hotspots to your device and find the best Wi-Fi even without a connection. Perfect for traveling abroad and saving you mobile data.  One – Tap Connect – finds, tests, and connects you to the best Internet in your area.

How does Avast Wi-Fi Finder work?

✔ Look around using a list of available hotspots or navigate yourself on a map to safe, public Wi-Fi networks nearby ✔ Get the speed measurements and security status before connecting to keep you safe and save time on downloads  ✔ Helps you detect the most preferred hotspots verified by locals thanks to in-app ratings ✔ Automatically connects you to frequently visited places so you don’t have to ask or search for passwords ✔ Scans the Wi-Fi network you are connected to and warns you about security and privacy issues ✔ Helps if you are exposed to some threat due to unsecured Wi-Fi connection


* Bug fixes & general improvements

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