Block City Wars v5.1 (Mod Money)

Block City Wars v5.1 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 2.3.3 +
Overview: Welcome to the Block City! Welcome to the vast pixel world full where is the real war is going! 


Complete missions, theft and drive cool cars, parkour, destroy enemies or just do what you want do! Play multiplayer mode on the grand map with your friends or with anybody from anywhere!

Several online mods are available. Play multiplayer mod edition, and be the hero of the city. Play survival mission mode, collect stars and coins! Destroy mobs, find hidden objects! 1,2,3,4,5&10! Collect all hidden stars to win! No cheats or casual gameplay! Only hardcore!

What’s new: 1. Improved battles: enhanced camera movement and player control 2. Fixed animation in the first person mod 3. Improved grenade functions 4. A new sight with indicators that show whether you hit the target or not 5. Pimping your ride: -now you can knock down posts 6. All the fonts in the game have been enhanced 7. Now for achieving complicated goals we give you the following unique goods: – a FIM-92 Stinger – a taxi – a crow-bar – T70 tank – Combat PWD submachine gun

What’s New

1. We have completely updated the reputation system! Now you can get reputation in any game mode!
2. We have updated the interfaces:
– new end-of-battle screen;
– improved the game leaders display;
– changed the main menu screen.
3. An entirely new mission system! Now each region has its own jobs from by Tony Blockshot.
4. Game novices will see a new tutorial with Tony’s participation.
5. We have redesigned the car models in a completely new style!
6. Increased the number of levels to 25!

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