Chess – Analyze This (Pro) v4.4.2

Chess – Analyze This (Pro) v4.4.2
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Analyze your chess game with the power of multiple Chess Engines! Leave your chess computer behind!


/** FEATURES **/ ☆ Load and analyze your games from PGN file. Tested to work with pgn games from, lichess, chess24 and other online servers* ☆ Full Engine analysis of the current game with verbose English commentary! Analyze games of Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand and other masters! ☆ Save moves and variations ☆ Paste PGN or FEN ☆ Share PGN/FEN with other Chess apps like Droidfish or send via Email/Twitter ☆ Manage and install new UCI engines. (Pro only) ☆ One click analysis from iChess & Chess Book Study apps ☆ New innovative feature to move back and forth by simply tilting your device. Now give your fingers some rest! ☆ Play against Engine or let Engines play (current board position) against each other (Pro only. Tap engine name to see option) ☆ Annotate games with symbols and comments ☆ Auto replay games (Pro only) ☆ Supports Engines like Komodo 8, Komodo 9 which use the “Open Engine format”

For more features, Tips and Tricks, please see :

NOTE: ♚ Free vs Paid : Free version (a) has Ads (b) cannot install new UCI engines (c) cannot auto-replay moves (d) cannot set Auto analysis time >5s and (e) has some other minor UI limitations while browsing games. ♚ This is not an app to play a chess game against the mobile or online or with friends ♚ Online chess not supported ♚ Importing external engines like Houdini 3, Rybka, Fritz, Hiarcs is currently not supported ♚ To download more engines, pls


//Note: Critter does not work on Android 5.0 v4.4.2 ☆ SF8 is now 2x faster on 64bit devices (will ask you for engine upgrade) – Thx Ben ☆ Fixed a crash when opening via iChess (Thx Tom)

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