Clash for Dawn: Guild War v1.6.1 (Mod)

Clash for Dawn: Guild War v1.6.1 (Mod)
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Take up your weapon, choose your faction, assemble a team of hardened mercenaries and fight back against the forces of darkness, in the stunning hack ‘n’ slash dungeon-raiding game, Clash for Dawn!


Centuries of peace have been torn apart by the Dark Lord’s desire to rule. Now, an army of the undead marches on the City of Light, Luxis, itself! But the battle is not yet lost. The chosen warriors of the Angeli hold the power to turn back the forces of darkness. Will YOU answer their call?

AAA QUALITY GRAPHICS Stunning AAA graphics bring the battle to life in awesome fantasy locations

CO-OP DUNGEONS Build a team of friends and take on the toughest dungeons to earn huge rewards

CO-OP BOSS BATTLES Join forces with other players for EPIC co-op boss battles

FACTION VS FACTION BATTLEFIELD Join a world-wide faction of The Brotherhood or The Order and compete for power and glory

EPIC SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN Rise to the challenge and battle your way through beautiful lands and infernal pits in a GLORIOUS single-player adventure

CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Select from 8 battle hardened warrior classes to with customizable skills to forge your own destiny

MERCENARIES AT YOUR SIDE Hire elite mercenaries to fight alongside you to destroy the Dark Lord’s elite forces

REAL TIME CHAT Enjoy real-time chat with your friends and allies, even in the heat of battle

DAILY EVENTS Compete in daily special events and play rich story quests as the age old fight between good and evil reaches its bloody climax

MEGA REWARDS Earn progressively massive rewards with every day of play


1. 24 Illusionary Palaces with Epic Bosses and Monsters 2. In-Game Community 3. Voice Chat 4. Collection Gallery 5. New Legendary Mercenaries 6. Costume System 7. Treasure Hunting 8. X-Ray Effect (Obstacle See-through Effect) 9. Bug fixed 10. Minor Optimization

Mods: 1. God mode 2. Very high damage (may not be one hit kill on bosses) 3. No skill cooldown

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