CM13/12.X SenseUI Themes v7.0.5

CM13/12.X SenseUI Themes v7.0.5
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: CM13/12.X SenseUI Themes is based on HTC One M9 & M8 for CyanogenMod 13/12 Roms. This Theme now has Arcus support so you get 4 Themes for the price of 1:


– Sense 7 Dark  – Sense 6 Light  – Sense 6 Dark 

Theme Includes:  – Alarms  – Boot Animation  – Fonts  – Lock Wallpapers  – Navigation Bar  – Notifications  – Ringtones  – Status Bar  – Style  – Wallpapers 

Themed Apps: 

Cyanogenmod Appps:  – AudioFX  – Browser  – Calculator  – Calender  – Camera  – cLock  – Clock  – Contacts  – DocumentsUI  – Downloads  – Email  – File Manager  – Gallery  – Keyboard  – Messaging  – Music  – Phone  – Radio  – Screencast  – Settings  – Sound recorder  – Themes 

CyanogenOS Apps:  – AudioFX  – Browser  – Calendar (Boxer Calendar)  – CameraNext  – Email (Boxer Email)  – GalleryNext  – Phone (DialerNext)  – Screencast  – Themes 

Google Apps:  – Calculator  – Calendar  – Camera  – Clock  – Contacts  – Gmail  – Google Play Movies & TV (Icon Themed Only)  – Google Play Music (Icon Themed Only)  – Keep  – Keyboard  – Messenger  – Now Launcher  – Phone  – Photos (Icon Themed Only) 

Other Apps:  – Arcus (Icon Themed Only)  – Kernal Adiutor  – MX Player (Icon Themed Only)  – Nova Launcher  – SuperSU (Icon Themed Only) 

HOW TO APPLY THE THEME:  – Once you’ve downloaded the theme, go to Settings/Themes.  – Look for SenseUI Theme, then apply it.  – Reboot your phone for best experience. 

HOW TO INSTALL & APPLY EXTRA THEMES:  – Download the Arcus app by Pixkart (Support his work ) 105739351821425192942  – Once you’ve downloaded the Arcus App, go into the app look for SenseUI  – Once you find it, pick any of the extra apps you would like, then hit the build button  – Once it’s done building the theme hit install.  – Once the theme is installed, go to Settings/Themes.  – Look for the theme, then apply it.  – Reboot your phone for best experience. 

Supporting Roms:  – Cyanogenmod 12,12s,12.1,12.1s, 13, Blisspop Lollipop Roms, Resurrection Remix Lollipop and Marshmallow Roms 


v7.0.5 – Big Update Redid Everything – If you need help or you ran into some problems or bugs? Contact at : [email protected] Help me improve my theme Thanks

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