Coma:Chronicle of an awakening v1.6

Coma:Chronicle of an awakening v1.6
Minimum Requirements: 2.3+
APK Description: Thus begins your journey to get wake and return to your world in the best possible way. During your journey you will meet the aldermen of the other world, as you face your story. Entities that we have heard in the legends and tales. Them to be subject to different logical tests and tests based on puzzles.


But careful because falling defeated each one of them will mark your status when you wake up.

Will you be able to return to our world and have a second chance?

* Game with an original screenplay.
* Original music created by Vicente Frías.
* Music interact dynamically, creating an immersive experience.
* Eight different endings for the way history.
* Seven mini-games that you can unlock and play as stand-alone games.
* Very neat graphic design.

Versions translated (these are activated adapting the language to the language of the device):

* English
* German
* French
* Italian
* Portuguese


* Bugs fixed: the interface of several halls.
* Bugs fixed.
* Elimination of any effect on Lilith Halls for best performance.
* Elimination of effect logos Intro halls mismatch in some devices.
* Solved persistence of the hall of main in other halls.
* Fixed bugs in the Hall of Loki: emergence of dice solved, a problem of interface.

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