Crisis Action-eSports FPS v1.9.2 [Mod]

Crisis Action-eSports FPS v1.9.2 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Online & offline tournaments are being held, download to join the PVE version and fight for real money! With more than 5,000,000 shooters, Crisis Action becomes the most popular real-time FPS mobile game in the world.


10,000 Dollars, thousands of diamonds, exclusive Dragon guns for tournament winners. All Clans that join our tournament will get rewards.  New maps and weapons are keep coming!  ==================  Google Play’s Most Wanted  50% OFF for the most of mall items!  ARE YOU EXCITED?  ★Pistol★  Glock 18  M93R  Python 

★Rifle★  AUG  SCAR  ACR  M4CQB  HK416  F2000  Glory QBZ95  TAR-21  M16A4 

★Sniper★  WA2000  M82A1  M14EBR  RSASS 

★Shotgun★  Striker  AA-12 

★Machine Gun★  L86  MG4 

★SMG★  PP2000  P90  MP5K  Super-V 

★Accessory★  Snowboard  Ski Goggles  Snow Pack  Ski Cap  Rabbit Backpack  ==================  In Crisis Action, you can enjoy the most abundant gameplay, the most thrilling action shooting game. We have a large number of maps & powerful weapons, create your clan for free, then play with your friends now! 

—–Game Features—–  ★ The First Real-time eSports FPS Mobile Game  Crisis Action is the first eSports First person shooting mobile game, delicate 3D graphic, massive online multiplayer fighting in real-time. 

★ Challenge the Limit of Your Shooting Skill  In our PVE version, you could experience the different mode of PVE gameplay and more maps, hope you will like the rapid response and timely customized touch control! 

★ Dozens of Battle Mode, the Same Immersive Shooting Pleasure  There are a large number of pre-installed maps in the game, and strive to give more pleasure to game player. Classic modes evoke your memories of the past, such as Bomb Mode, Hunt Mode, and Team Mode. Enjoy the most thrilling action shooting game! 

★ Strategy is Higher than Weapons  Massive online Multiplayer fighting in real-time, join our clan and kill the enemy whenever and wherever possible! First class clan needs strategy, more need your courage and passion. If we were brothers, we would fight together! 

★ Countless Weapons, Handful Fun!  The most thrilling action shooting game in the history, also has more powerful weapons to use! Crisis Action has prepared a rich kind of weapons for you, like Fury Dragon, Fury Dragon-Striker, AK-47 and so on. 

—–The Gameplay—–  – Single mode: More stages to help you to improve shooting skills.  – Multiplayer mode: The more the enemy, the more dangerous.  – Solo mode: This is your personal stage, enjoy it.  – Team mode: Friends should fight together, join us now!  – Hide & Seek mode: Catch me if you can!  – Biochemical mode: Who will be the next infection? Let’s wait for the dawn!  – Up to 5V5 multiplayers battle mode, more free and more fair to fight!  ======================== 

Visit our official site at: Like us on Facebook at: Subscribe our YouTube at: Customer Service Email:[email protected] 


1. Game UI optimized;  2. Game function optimized;  3. Game security upgraded;  4. Bug fixed; 

Hacks:  1.Detection Bypass  2.Signature Removed  3.Security Signature Removed

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