DashCards for KLWP v1.1 [Paid]

DashCards for KLWP v1.1 [Paid]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: This is not a stand-alone app
You need KLWP & KLWP Pro Key to use this theme.


Basic set up tutorial:
» Install KLWP along with KLWP Pro Key
» Install DashCards and open it
» Tap the theme and it will open it in KLWP.
» Make your changes then Tap the disk icon at the top right corner to save those changes.
» Set KLWP as your wallpaper in your launcher.
» Remove all icons and leave 1 page in your launcher. This is a single page theme.
» Keep DashCards app installed. The theme will not work without it.

What’s New:
– Added more customization globals for Music Pop Up:
You can now adjust album cover scale, move music controls up & down & adjust their scale
– Home Search Bar now opens Sesame Search by default instead of Google Now
– Introducing DashCards Widgets! If you have KWGT (with Pro Key) you can now make your own custom theme with DashCard widgets. More widgets will be added soon

Share your creations with me on Twitter. Mention me in your tweet @GrabsterTV
More features to come in the future

This app without advertisements

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