GCDroid – Geocaching vV2.0.5 [Pro][Premium][Mod]


GCDroid – Geocaching vV2.0.5 [Pro][Premium][Mod]
Minimum Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
APK Description: GCDroid is your ‘one stop shop’ mobile geocaching application. Versatile and user friendly, it is designed for both online and offline geocaching in mind. GCDroid integrates seamlessly with GSAK and Dropbox but also offers direct access to caches via the Live API.

GCDroid – Geocaching vV2.0.5 [Pro][Premium][Mod] 1

You can test GCDroid for free for 14 days with all features based on your geocaching.com account type enabled
At the end of the trial period you need to purchase a license from within GCDroid via in-app-purchase to continue using GCDroid

Just a couple highlights

• Ad free
• direct access to Dropbox to download GSAK databases or GPX files
• Merge multiple databases into one
• Submit custom Fieldnote/Log
• Advanced Search
• FTF Search Mode (show unfound caches)
• Hide Search Mode (show all caches, including disabled, owned, found)
• Convert live database to offline database
• Show source of cache page (ideal for puzzles with hidden text)

Latest changes:

Version 2.0.0
• New: new Groundspeak API
• New: super fast live map
• New: new look and scalable cache icons
• New: updated filtering
• New: customizable Dashboard
• New: improved search from Dashboard
• New: split search results into it’s own database
• New: setting to force portrait / landscape mode
• New: open own profile from Dashboard
• New: share database via cache list or database manager
• New: support event start/end time
• New: option to add event to device calendar
• New: create new empty database
• New: caches can be copied into another DB
• New: tab for Friends Logs in CacheDetails view
• New: long click on GC-Code or Location in cache details view copies it to clipboard
• New: option to change map to grayscale
• New: support Groundspeak promotions
• New: switch to Groundspeak cache icons
• New: Integrated Usermanual (German version)
• New: support watch list
• New: support ignore list
• New: Project-GC Virtual GPS
• New: French translations
• Fix: rendering of coast line and oceans on offline maps
• Fix: many other updates and improvements

What’s New:
– Tab in Settings for experimental features
– GPX export for cache list and individual caches
– Direct navigation to waypoint from cache details
– Share images
– Custom Bee-line color
– Option to NOT automatically upload logs and fieldnotes
– Backup user settings and restore after reinstall
– Add waypoint from map
– Average waypoint from map
– Experimental: Scale font size for complete app
– Experimental: Show own track on map with customizable color
– Fix: Various other bugfixes

Mod Info:
● Pro Version Unlocked
 ● Premium Features Unlocked
 ● Analytics Removed

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