Insomnia v1.7

Hi guys! Here you can download the game or app of Insomnia v1.7 in apk format for your android device and everything is free for you.

Insomnia v1.7
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: When you can not sleep and wake up in your own nightmares …


Insomnia, struggling to survive in your own mind. All your dreams will come true, which means to survive the horror is to find the necessary medicines to prevent anxiety, stress and madness. Prepares utensils or combine different objects and allow you to advance the search for a way out.

Find items around the stage, do not stop looking, there is always a hidden object that lets you progress so you can wake of such horror.

Complete set without advertising You can select two languajes: English and Spanish!


-You Can save your progress at any time and retrieve igula form. Avoid save games if you have low stress level and not canned medications you recover.

‘Do use of objects with head, especially those that you can spend and that cost replenish such as batteries or alcohol.

-Records Every corner, in the light and in the dark, you may find objects that can help necersarios in history.

Observes that there blinking objects that can interact, there may be other objects that do not blink but if you perminten interact.


We expanded the story with more than 5 hours of play! Longer life to investigate and be able to advance in the game.

This app has no advertisements 

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