Japanese Kanji Study v1.6.4 [Unlocked]
Minimum Requirements: Varies with device
APK Description: Kanji Study is my ongoing project that attempts to be a simple yet powerful application for learning Japanese kanji. With a focus on JLPT kanji, the app allows you to split groups of kanji into smaller manageable sets for flashcard-style drilling and adaptive quizzing. Each kanji offers a wealth of carefully selected examples and challenging draw practice.


So what does the app currently support?

★ Powerful search for over 6000 kanji using one text field
• Combine stroke count with text and/or radicals for a quick lookup
• Custom radical keyboard sorts radicals by occurrence and displays resulting kanji count

★ Detailed information for each kanji
• Kanji radicals are broken down and highlighted within the kanji
• Thousands of carefully selected vocab and example sentences that grow in difficulty with each JLPT level

★ Drawing practice
• Custom experimental detection algorithm for stroke accuracy
• Graded by accuracy using はなまる

★ Adaptive quiz mode
• Distractors are intelligently selected based on radicals and other factors
• Mistakes and response times are used to improve the quizzes

★ Flashcard-style drilling
• Customize kanji set sizes to focus on small groups of kanji at a time
• Kanji is rendered naturally using SVG data and not a computer font

★ Supports backing up with google drive or local storage

Free version
– Unrestricted search and full study for beginner kanji, radicals, hiragana and katakana.

Upgraded version
– All features with full access to all JLPT kanji.

What’s New
– Better formatting for vocab definitions
– Study time added to kanji info screens
– Show romaji above kana in kanji readings
– Removed duplicate vocab entries
– Cleaned up orphaned database entries
– Updated layout for backup settings

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Japanese Kanji Study – 漢字学習 v4.2.9 [Unlocked]

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