Material Darkness CM13 Theme v8.0

Material Darkness CM13 Theme v8.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: •One of the most completed theme with Arcus support on GP. Over 50 themed apps including some popular apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc.


•Compatibility CM 12 – 100% CM 12.1- 100% CM 13 – 100% Others ROMs with Theme Chooser: 99%

•INSTALLATION: Download theme; Go to Theme Chooser and apply Material Dark theme; Reboot Your device (recomended); Enjoy Material Darkness!

•UPDATING: Install new version; Reboot your device or apply stock theme then Material Darkness; Enjoy more stability and functionality!


System UI Framework Animations Browser Calculator Camera Chrome Contacts Desk clock Dialer Gallery Google Plus Messages Settings Sound recorder Music File manager Lock Screen clock Trebuchet CM Updater ES File Explorer Facebook AOSP and Google Keyboard YouTube Instagram WhatsApp SuperSU Audio FX Theme Chooser Something else…


V8.0 Misc based ROMs tweaks; Optimized for 13.1; Redesigned SystemUI; Removed useless files. Please, reboot after update.

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