Meteogram Pro Weather Forecast v1.9.51 [Paid]
Minimum Requirements: 4.1+
APK Description: This weather widget (and associated app) provides a detailed and visually appealing weather forecast, allowing you very quickly to understand what to expect when you venture outdoors. The graphical format is commonly referred to as a ‘meteogram’.

ImageThis is the highest-rated app of its type in the Play Store!

Key Features★ widget and app★ dynamically resizeable widget★ save or share settings locally or remotely, including to/from Google Drive (PRO)★ portrait or landscape orientation★ support for rotating home screens (e.g. as in Nova Launcher)★ show a meteogram in system notifications, directly on your lockscreen (PRO)★ fixed location or follow location★ choice of weather data provider…★ (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply data to★ (the US government agency, and US only)★ (who supply data for the popular Dark Sky app for iOS)★ (Weather Underground)★★ temperature (actual or “feels like”)★ weather symbols (that optionally follow the temperature profile)★ rainfall (expected, min/max)★ moon phase★ sunrise / sunset times and highlighted daylight hours★ sun and moon elevations and azimuths★ air pressure★ tide height★ UV Index★ wind speed (line or arrow format)★ wind direction (line or arrow format)★ cloudiness (overall or by height)★ clearness★ dewpoint★ visibility★ ozone★ support for webfonts★ show up to 10 days★ choice of icon set (PRO)

The appThe app provides a (near) full-screen meteogram, and is interactive. Clicking on any time point will open a pop-up with more detailed information about the weather at that time point.

The widgetYou can place a resizable meteogram directly onto your device’s home screen. The meteogram is updated in the background to keep the forecast up to date. This provides an immediate and convenient view of the weather ahead, without even having to open an app.

But the full-screen interactive app is just a single click away, direct from the widget.

The widget is initially placed as a 4×2 widget, but thereafter can be dragged to any size you like! The widget features resize intelligently to provide a clear representation, no matter what size is chosen, even showing in landscape format if more appropriate.

You can place multiple widgets onto your home screen, each relating to a different location and each having a different appearance.

Weather DataYou have a choice of weather data providers:

★ (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply data to★ (the US government agency, and US only)★ (who supply data for the popular Dark Sky app for iOS)★

The and worldweatheronline sources provide hourly forecast data, no matter where you are, whereas for it is hourly in parts of northern Europe and three-hourly elsewhere (though soon the hourly data may be restricted to just Norway).

Note that this app is in no way associated with or endorsed by,, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute,, worldweatheronline or

Free v ProThe pro version gives you:

★ choice of weather icon sets★ custom webfonts (choose any from Google Fonts)★ system notifications (a meteogram directly on your lock screen)★ save/load settings as default★ save/load settings to a local or remote file (can copy settings between devices)★ full customisation of all options★ no messages about upgrading to pro version


1.9.51:• option to show text summary of current weather in the header1.9.50:• customise prefix and postfix for a detected location displayed in the header1.9.49:• customise the format of the top axis labels• show numerical wind speed values instead of wind arrows1.9.48:• choice of tidal datum for tidal plot• new 1/100 inch precipitation unit1.9.47:• change style of freezing point line1.9.46:• elevation in header1.9.45:• added the UK Met Office as a data provider

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