MultiGo route planner and GPS v1.3

MultiGo route planner and GPS v1.3
Minimum Requirements: 4.4+
APK Description: In case of a holiday or a sightseeing trip, planning of the optimal route among the different destinations and sights usually takes a lot of time.


In case of a holiday or a sightseeing trip, planning of the optimal route among the different destinations and sights usually takes a lot of time. MultiGo helps you to do this, as it searches for you the shortest route according to the given addresses and settings, counts the total length and duration of the whole route, and finally it navigates you to the wished destinations from point to point, using the integrated Google Maps application.MultiGo is a combination of 3 different services: route planner, map and navigation software in one application.

Additional information:– The number of the destinations in one route in unlimited– MultiGo not only searches the most optimal route instead of you, but it also navigates you through the route from point to point (The navigation to the next address is can be started by tapping the notification displayed after you reached the actual destination.)– You can give the order of destinations as you wish, and the optimized route is also variable– Navigation through a route can be interrupted underway and you can continue it later from your actual position, moreover it is possible to skip 1-1 destinations on-demand (in this case the application will continue navigation from you actual position to the following address)– The departure place of a route can be different from your actual position, in this case MultiGo will navigate you to the given origin point first, and continue the route from there– Favorite addresses and routes can be stored, so you can prepare them for yourself in advance– MultiGo supports both driving and walking routes

Note:MultiGo uses the services of Google Maps API for automatic completing of the addresses and for planning and displaying the whole route. This process needs internet connection. If a manually typed or an automatically completed place cannot be displayed on the map, please try again with the full detailed address (number, street, city). The application will also warn you about the problem during drawing of the route, and the navigation won’t work properly with wrong address!Navigation uses the services of the free Google Maps application, which must be installed on your device separately.

What’s New:

– Small bugs corrected– Better memory usage– Faster optimization for maximum 10 stops

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