Pixelized – Pixel Icon Pack v1.0.0

Hi guys! Here you can download the game or app of Pixelized – Pixel Icon Pack v1.0.0 in apk format for your android device and everything is free for you.

Pixelized – Pixel Icon Pack v1.0.0
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: PIXELIZED  Based on the Pixel launcher new look, Pixelized adopts a simple philosophy of rounding up all the icons, maintaining their original look as close as possible. This results in an uniform and universal look, while retaining each app individuality.


All included icons are vector based and you can, from the Pixelized app, submit icon request. A mask is also included, to automatically round all missing icons. 

DISCLAIMER  Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher do NOT support icon packs. There’s currently no possible way for us to support a launcher that does not support theming options. 

COMPATIBILITY  Pixelized officially supports the following launchers: Nova, ADW, Action, Apex, Atom, Aviate, CMTE, Go, KK, LG, Next, Smart, Solor.  Other than those, it should support many more launcher that aren’t specified within the app itself. 

If you like Pixelized, feel free to leave a review. It really helps me out. Thanks!

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