Radius – CM13/12 Theme v2.0

Radius – CM13/12 Theme v2.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: You can choose from a selection of different theme variants, styled light or dark or with a different color.


Download the Arcus App from the Playstore to build those custom theme versions on your device.

You need a rom with the latest CM12 / CM12.1 / CM13 / COS theme engine in order to install/use this theme!  A lot of custom roms such as Dirty Unicorns, AICP, RR, AOSiP or Euphoria are supported, please send me an email if an icon is missing in your rom so i can fix it.

THEME IS INCLUDING: • Dark theme and light theme (Arcus required) • Vector statusbar icons • Custom switch, checkbox and button animations • Fully themed quicksettings • Notification icons • Soundpanel • Lockscreen • Bootanimation • Minimal softkeys • Custom font • Custom notification sounds • Wallpaper

THEMED APPS: • Screener • Google+ • Hangouts • Play Music • Google Now • Dialer • Instagram • Settings • Camera • Material Keyboard (AOSP & Google) … and a lot more!


– 3 new Arcus variants (MNML Red, MNML Green, MNML Blue) – Arcus instant patching support (Arcus premium feature) – Arcus variants are now sorted in tabs – Lots of changes for the quicksettings panel – Light theme variants now have a white quicksettings background – Themed Google Settings – Themed Power Control Widget – Huge fix for light dialers – Fix for Google Now on Tap card – Fix for low battery icon color – Added new smartbar and quicksetting icons

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