Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) v7.8.5 [Patched]


Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) v7.8.5 [Patched]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: FlexR – a program for people working in any field in shifts.
FlexR gives you the ability to create schedules for both one and
several days

Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) v7.8.5 [Patched] 1

If you are stepping over from the free version, make a Backup in the free version and Restore it in this Pro version.
Then you can remove the free version and switch in Google Calendar Sync.

The application is designed for people who work on a flexible schedule.
They can make their own schedule and, having one look at
program, determine when to work.
FlexR is also ideal for people who work in shifts.
Convenient widgets.
Backup data to a memory card and restore from it.

What’s New:
Bug fixes
Target period hours setting for each month/period (Salary settings & calendar header)
Extended search screen (time of shift, worked hours, inverse text search)
Floating (+) button to add shift(s)
Multiple sharing options, e.g. with Mail or Whatsapp !!!

Build for Android 9 (Pie)
Sharing backup file over Whatsapp
Small Cloud-Sync improvements and Drive V3 API implementation

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