Stracta for KLWP v2019.Oct.09.10 [Paid]


Stracta for KLWP v2019.Oct.09.10 [Paid]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: *You need KLWP Pro in order to use this app.*

Stracta for KLWP v2019.Oct.09.10 [Paid] APK

Stracta for KLWP is a collection of unique, geometric home screen setups. This live wallpaper pack contains themes fit for all aspect ratios.

Currently with 6 home screen themes, the app will be updated to add new ones in the near future.

Anomite – two toned down, geometric screens
Eve – one screen of vibrant beauty
Plex – two screens of stunning minimalism
Antara – geometric abstraction on two pages
Tekkado – a three-page setup with clean card layout
Triada – three flowing screens

Grab Stracta for your home screen today!

What’s New:
Two themes added: Tiso & Vista. Tiso: 3 screens; Vista: 1 screen

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