Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v3.1.5

Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v3.1.5
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Swift Dark is a popular dark theme with constant support and frequent updates. The theme is compatible with devices running CyanogenMod version 12, 12.1 and 13.0 (CM12/CM12.1/CM13) or similar roms with the theme engine included.


Swift Dark takes what’s best with the Android design and gently darkens it. If you prefer a darker theme, with the material design intact and with an elegant and stylish touch, this theme is for you. A dark material theme is often preferred over a light material theme, as dark colors tends to be more gentle to the eyes. So if you are using your device frequently you might appreciate this beautiful theme. 

What’s themed? 

– System UI  – Settings  – Dialer  – MMS  – Google Messenger  – Root Explorer  – AOSP Keyboard  – Google Keyboard  – Skype  – Viber  – Instagram  – CM File Manager  – Google Music  – Kindle  – Music  – Documents/Downloads  – Gmail  – Contacts  – Hangouts  – Keep  – Inbox  – WhatsApp  – Google Plus  – Email (AOSP Email)  – Nova Launcher  – Google App  – Cyanogen OS Dialer  – Calculator  – AOSP Browser  – Google Photos  – Google Drive  – Chrome  – Chrome Beta  – Chrome Dev 

ROM support status: 

– Theme engine on CM12 (and CM12.1) is well implemented and should be perfectly stable.  – CM13 is mostly stable but needs some polishing, as it’s still in its early days.  – Exodus, BlissPop, Dirty Unicorns, AICP and all other custom roms based on CM, or with the theme engine implemented, are supported but I can’t guarantee everything works. If you encounter any issue please contact me and I’ll take a look at it. 


v.3.1.5 Using AOSP Calendar? Or do you prefer Google Calendar? Both are now themed in the dark & black version. The latter is the most advanced dark theme since the initial release of Swift Dark a year ago, and I’m very happy to provide it. For more info, or if you have any questions, visit the Google+ community, link is in the app description.

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