Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: YANKAI’S TRIANGLE is a love letter to TRIANGLES. A puzzling puzzle game about the beauty and joy of infinitely tapping on TRIANGLES for some reason.


With an elegant innovative revolutionary TRIANGLE-first approach to interface, YANKAI’S TRIANGLE lets you tap on TRIANGLES to spin them and stuff. Colors play a part in gameplay too I think. Bring TRIANGLES to a forgotten TRIANGLE, and uncover a TRIANGLE hidden deep beneath the YANKAI.

• Pretty Fun Gameplay (it’s all right) • No Filler – A Veritable Infinity of Meticulously Definitely Handcrafted TRIANGLES • Over 1.74 x 10^26 Possible Levels (all definitely handcrafted) • Color • An Inscrutable Three-Pronged Scoring System • A ‘Happy Sounds’ Option (woohoo!) • A ‘Colorblind’ Option if You Are Colorblind (it’s not great tbh) • A Cool Film Grain Effect (some people don’t like it but i think it’s cool) • A Cool Tiled TRIANGLE Background Effect • Also there are Leaderboards • And some Achievements

A Game By Kenny Sun

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